Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bailey Austin finds her inspiration in the lush rolling hills and rural landscape around her hometown. From a young age Bailey watched her parents work closely with architects on their own homes and fell in love with the process. It was a natural fit that she would later obtain her degree in architecture from Oklahoma State University. 

After a preceptorship with Pelli Clarke Pelli in New York, she moved to the city post graduation to work full time for the firm. Bailey returned to Tulsa in 2011 and opened her first firm, Austin Bean Design Studio, in partnership with local designer Mel Bean. In 2018, due to the firm's extraordinary growth, Mel and Bailey branched out and each opened their own firms.  

Functionality is at the heart of Bailey’s design philosophy, starting first with the home’s layout and flow - allowing the floor plan to drive the home’s final exterior and interior aesthetics. Bailey’s interiors are a fusion of functionality - driven by well-planned layouts - and interiors that blend found pieces with ones custom designed by Bailey, to give each home its own unique mark. Her keen sense of color and making each room feel like a unique experience is what has made Bailey one of the top designers in Oklahoma, with a growing client base across the country.